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POSTPONED - Cycle Tours Through the Everglades - First ride is September 10, 2017...here's the schedule. For more info click here. Due to the impact by Hurricane Irma to Everglades City and surrounding areas, we have decided to suspend the Everglades Monthly Bike Rides. We hope to resume the rides by December or January. The next ride along Janes Scenic Drive in the Fakahatachee was scheduled for next Sunday, October 8. Last week the Friends of Fakahatchee announced that the entire length of the Drive was still flooded. Everglades City itself was devastated with many residents losing their homes and all their possessions. On September 10, a 6-8 ft water surge brought mud and muck into the old historic homes that were either at ground level or 3 ft above sea level. Many of us were able to shovel the muck out of our houses, then hose down our floors with a pressure cleaner; however, others with dry wall and carpeted floors were not so fortunate. For the past three weeks we have all been cleaning up but businesses are still closed and the streets are full of yard trash and people's discarded belongings. A few restaurants hope to open by October 15 (beginning of stone crab season); others will take longer. The Red Cross has been wonderful in delivering meals daily and Granny Alliances in doing laundry and providing showers. FEMA has also been very helpful as well as countless other churches and organizations near and far.

Hurricane Irma (Thursday, Sept 21, 8:00am) - Power is back on! YAY!

Hurricane Irma (Wednesday, Sept 20, 8:45am) - Power has not been restored yet :-( It appears Everglades City has been mostly restored and there are a few poles between them and us along US41 that are being worked on so hopefully it will be on sometime later today. Boil water notice still in effect. Gas is getting easier to get and not seeing the long lines.

Hurricane Irma (Tuesday, Sept 19, 10:00am) - LCEC reports that power will be restored to the Port tonight!!! Keep conserving water! Boil water notice still in effect. County still having sewer issues. More places starting to open up...they say best not to drink anything at restaurants that are made with the drinking water or use ice that may be made from same source. Keep being patient!

Hurricane Irma (Monday, Sept 18, 9:00am) - Still no electric but we believe we are getting close. The water plant is running and in good shape, county has on list to top off tanks again tomorrow...yay! Everyone is working so hard and long hours...and we have to remember they have their own families also and are away from them. A big thanks! Soto has cleared the trees from the roadways...a big thanks to them! The transformers blocking the northbound lane on US41 near SR92 San Marco Rd. has been moved to the side and DOT is addressing the road situation there. More and more stores and gas stations opening up which should relieve some stress. We are hearing of thefts going on at the Port, even generators being stolen, I mean really? Sheriffs dept has been notified to have more patrols.

Although I do not want to get in the middle or be any part of it I feel I should mention...as a side note...and if any of you reading this are on nextdoor.com, please please ignore the comments about the misappropriations of CID funds and the state investigating, none of which is true. I attend all the meetings and I do not see the naysayers there, so not sure where this info comes from. Also the DEP is being called daily to try to have our plant shut down. Our plant has been running better than any in the county, do you really want it shut down? The harrassment has to stop...it isn't helping anyone and only adds more stress. We are in survival mode and everyone is doing their best to accommodate people's lives. Life is short and some things are far more important than others...be thankful we have a Port to come back to. The glass is half full not empty.

The issues in Everglades City with sewer in the streets and homes has already taken one man's life and another had to have a leg amputated from bad infections....very sad!

The CID also has updates at www.poicid.com

Hurricane Irma (Saturday, Sept 16, 12:30pm) - The county just filled up the fuel tanks for us to help keep the plant running and the fire station open for the time being...yay! The need to conserve water use is very high...waste treatment and getting it to the plant is a big issue. We don't need sewer back-up in homes or pipes breaking from overloads to make the situation far worse, so please conserve. With no electric yet, most cannot use dishwashers and washing machines, etc., but if you have a generator, please do not use these items for the time being.

Hurricane Irma (Saturday, Sept 16, 9:00am) - The Port still does not have electricity and we have no idea when it will be restored. The few that are there now, some have generators to run a few items and some do not. It's very hot and humid. Gas is still hard to come by, long lines at the few that have opened. Water is still running at the Port, but wastewater has to be pumped manually into trucks as the lift stations are not operating without the electric. We need to conserve water usage as much as possible...conserve conserve conserve! Management at the plant is working as hard as they can to keep up with diesel fuel to run the plant, plus the pump trucks. A big thanks to Mitch! We actually have it a little better at the Port in terms of water running. Collier County is having the same issue having to manually pump the stations and has had to shut water off here and there to make repairs to manholes that are blowing waste, breaking pipes, and some backing up into homes with no where else to go. We thank all those that are working around the clock to keep things running the best they can with the resources available and restoring services slowly slowly. While we get frustrated sometimes and want everything back to normal we have to remember how very lucky we were. We were very very lucky! If the hurricane had not broken up on the back end, there would not be any homes at the Port that would not have flooded and become uninhabitable. So please everyone try to be patient, this is the worst storm we've ever experienced. Try to remain positive, try to thank those that are working hard, and especially your neighbors that have come together to help each other. If you are still somewhere away from Naples, best to stay put longer. Resources are so limited, hard to stretch them any further than they already are. Take care everyone! And stay safe! P.S. I've been hearing about some negative info/comments on nextdoor.com. There's so much disaster happening, people are without homes, food, water, etc....let's try to get back to positive thinking and not criticize and place blame, it doesn't help the situation. Life is short, let's be happy and thankful for what we do have. Think of a glass half full not empty.

Hurricane Irma (Thursday, Sept 14, 2:00pm) - Conserve, Conserve, Conserve! The water is running but we need to conserve as much as possible. No washing of cars or any other things that can wait. Better to have water for essential things for longer period of time. Remember, diesel is hard to come by. Neighbors are trying their best to help each other out, and everyone is trying to survive and stay calm. Heat stroke is major concern and many do not have generators at all and if they do they only run a few appliances. Many do not have internet on the phone, if that's even working (only about 30% of cell phones working in county) so if you do get to speak to people that are at the Port please let them know what you read here. Thank you!

Hurricane Irma (Thursday, Sept 14, 12:30pm) - There hasn't been a whole of change. Very slowly, people are getting electric back on in the county, and a few more stores, restaurants, etc. have opened - scarse on a lot of items, especially anything needing refridgeration. Gas stations are minimal so gas is very hard to come by with long lines at those that do open. The Murphy Gas at Walmart had a line down to Manatee today. We've heard of people getting in lines but by the time they get there, it's all gone. Water is still running at the Port. Please be conservative as it also has to be treated. Collier County is having flooding issues with their lift stations (needed for sewer treatment) so that could become our issue also...just be conservative as you can be for now. Diesel fuel is hard to come by so the less we need to use, the better and the longer we'll have water. No word yet on electricity, it appears it's going to be a while. Electric companies are saying they hope to have the majority up running by the 22nd, but not all. Other issues can hamper the timing. If you are not in Florida, would be best to stay out longer. It's very hot and humid and no where to cool down....miserable. And resources still hard to come by. Very sad situation. We were very lucky at the Port, many no longer have a home. We'll do our best to keep you posted. Stay safe!

Hurricane Irma (Tuesday, Sept 12, 9:30am) - The most devastating hurricane ever and still wreaking havoc! I am putting info here as of what I have heard and all of it is subject to change and I might not be able to post updates all the time. The Port has no electricity. Most of Naples is without electric and gas. The Port water and sewer is now running for the time being on generators, it was down for a couple days but thankfully they worked hard and long hours to get it back up and running, but gas is an issue big time, so not sure how long it will be running but they are working hard to resolve that also! No one could have predicted the devasation this has brought. We do not believe or have heard of any homes or condos that got any flooding inside so that is a big blessing. The hotel is closed at the moment. The Port fire department just opened about an hour or so ago and is running on generators, again gas is an issue. Everglades City station is under water, about 6 feet and they do not believe they will be able to go back there for a long time. They have no water and electric in Everglades and Chokoloskee...you need a boat down there to get around, all flooded. Many roads still have debris and power lines throughout the state so that makes it more difficult also. If you are somewhere safe everyone suggests you stay put. Gas along the roads is hard to come by if there's any at all, and please keep in mind the people here now need the gas so more people here needing gas will congest things more, stay put. Stress levels are very high. Electric companies are working around the clock to get everyone back online with crucial service areas first (hospitals, emergency centers, gas, food, etc.) so if the electric grid to your home is not on these same grids expect to wait longer. Phone service including cell service is also down in some areas, plus some cannot recharge their batteries, so be cautious about calling people down here to see what's going on, they need their battery life for important and emergency calls, plus it's been so stressful and tiring trying to answer everyone's questions and keep everyone updated. We wish everyone the best and will try to update you when we are able. So sad...but we have to keep in mind that thankfully we are all still breathing, that's what is the most important, everything else can be replaced at some point.

Port News September 2017 just published and inserted in your water bill. The Port News is distributed/mailed with the water bills or you can pick up at the office, or download the latest issues on our web site from the Community page, scroll to the bottom of the page for links.

Mosquito Guide For Residents - Good info from University of Florida... (4/14/2017)

Naples Boat Rentals at Port of the Islands Marina now has boat, jetski, and bicycle rentals. (July 29, 2017)

Port Directory 2016-2017 You can pick one up at our office at the entrance to Newport Dr.

NEW ISO RATING FOR FIRE STATION We have a new ISO rating with the new fire station in place...check with your insurance company to see if your rates may be lowered. Download it. (Posted April 6, 2014)

New Irrigation Water Restrictions In Effect 3/26/2011:
The Port uses groundwater to supplement reclaimed water for irrigation. The new Restrictions apply to everyone at the Port. All irrigation must now be done between midnight and 8am, prohibited from 8am - midnight. Even numbered and Associations with Odd & Even on same water line Thursday and Sundays. Odd numbered Wednesday & Saturday See attached for complete Collier Info.

Port News is now distributed/mailed with the water bills or you can pick up at the office, or download on our web site from the Community page.

Procedure for TURNING OFF WATER at the Backflow Preventer - For residents of the Port who want to turn their water service off while they are away for extended periods of time please follow the following instructions: To extend the service life of the backflow preventer you will turn off the valve after the backflow. This will ensure that the gaskets, o-rings, etc… will remain under pressure and wet while the water is off to your home. In the picture you see that the side of the backflow is marked with the direction of flow. The valve located at the discharge side of the backflow is the proper valve to shut, as shown in the picture. Not all properties are equiped with the Backflow Preventer, it is an on-going project to get them all done.

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